Bamboo DNA specializes in the design, construction, and installation of bamboo structures and environments. The company is also available for consultation to help clients achieve the best possible results with their own bamboo designs.

Temporary Architectural Works

Nothing matters more in the event world than being on time. Bamboo DNA excels in creating unique and highly- notable environments and structures for festivals, non-profit entities and event companies around the world.

Whether it’s an entire musical stage environment or a prefabricated and collapsible mobile kiosk, BDNA’s knowledge of both event logistics and product design consistently deliver the best solutions to demanding times.




Permanent Works

A universal building code for bamboo does not currently exist in the USA. Any structures created by Bamboo DNA have passed through the best test possible: experience. Led by a client’s will and vision, we collaborate with engineers, architects, riggers and builders to achieve things that no one else can. Bring us your idea and we’ll find a way to make it happen.







Meet Your Makers, left. A short introduction to BambooDNA and artist Gerard Minakawa. By Jenny Hirsohn, 2013 

Bamboo DNA with Nico Danan on Vimeo